Brand Consult

Need a sit down with an industry expert? Perhaps you are finding yourself stuck or needing to bounce an idea off someone who has been where you are. Or perhaps you are struggling with a challenge and could use an extra set of eyes to help you see other potential solutions. Bring all your burning questions regarding, brand building, marketing, beauty business, etc. You can pack the hour with an in-depth Q & A to get you on your way!

$ 250

1 Hour

Growth & Development

Are you in the early stages of your brand development journey or looking to scale your brand? This is the session for you. Get expert feedback, brainstorm, or get a better understanding of what it will take to get your concept to market. 


1.5 Hours

Founder Session

Sometimes you just need to have a chat with a fellow founder to regroup, redefine, or reinvent your vision. Running a business is filled with challenges and many crossroads. If you are finding yourself wanting to speak with someone who understands your struggle and your passion for the industry, who can offer expert feedback and share their experience, this is the session for you. 

$ 450

2.0 Hours

Brand Strategy

Have you thought about what sets you apart as a brand? What makes you uniquely you and what you have to offer the world that no one else has? Sit down with an industry expert to explore who you are as a founder and what you have to bring to the space that will help you to stand out and get noticed. 


2.0 Hours

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