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In this section is where you will find helpful resources that we have collected over the years. Our goal is to offer you tools and educational materials that will help you to learn and grow.

We will continue to add new information to this section of the website so be sure to check back often!

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Understanding pH

Our Lab Equipment

• pH Meter – Hanna Instruments, Portable pH/mv Meter (HI8424)

• Lab Scale – Ohaus PR822N/ E – Class III NTEP Approved

• Overhead Mixer – IKA, Eurostar 60

• High Shear – IKA, T25 Disperser

•  Hot Plate w/ magnetic stirrer 10″ IKA, C-Mag 10

• Hot Plate w/ magnetic stirrer 7″ – IKA, C-Mag HS 7

• Homogenizer – Silverson, L5M-A Laboratory Mixer


Peer-reviewed Journals

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