INCI : Trehalose

Usage Rate: 1- 3%

Solubility: water



Trehalose is an upcoming ingredient that is largely accepted in the cosmetic industry because of its intense hydrating properties.

Most commonly found in the “Resurrection Plant” aka “Rose of Jericho”, it is a naturally occurring saccharide, a non-reducing sugar that is present in a wide variety of plant and animal life, enabling survival in the harshest climatic conditions.

In its raw form, it appears as an odorless powder that is white in color. Apart from its moisturizing properties, Trehalose is also an antioxidant, a thickening agent, and a stabilizer. It works well with almost all the other ingredients and suits all skin types.

Trehalose provides high moisture retention and odor suppression properties.



• Provides deep hydration

• Restores Moisture levels

• Soothes Dry, dehydrated skin



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Usage rate: 1 – 3%