Solagum Tara

INCI : Caesalpinia spinosa gum

Usage Rate: 0.5% – 2%



SOLAGUM™ TARA is a natural texturizing and thickening gum derived from 100% plant origin. It is a versatile thickener and stabilizer, and functions as a texturizing agent with non-sticky, non-stringy, and smooth feel. It exhibits synergistic combination with synthetic polymers. This product is easy to use, and offers immediate hydration and resistance to electrolytes.

VEGAN, COSMOS & Natrue approved, China listed.


SOLAGUM™ TARA is non-ionic and is compatible with anionic and cationic ingredients

• Ecofriendly with Ecocert validation

• Sustainable, and cold process use.

• VEGAN, COSMOS & Natrue approved

• China listed.

Add Tara Gum into aqueous phase while agitating mechanically until formation of an homogenous gel.

• Cold processable

• Not sensitive to shear

• Easy to use


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• Elegance booster from 100% plant origin

• Gelling and thickening creams, lotions, and gels

• A silky silicone-like skin feel to gels and serums

• Forming smooth, elegant gels without tack or stringiness

• Resistance to electrolytes

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