Sepinov EMT 10

INCI: Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer

Usage Rate: 0.25 – 2.0%



SEPINOV™ EMT 10 is a powder polymer with excellent stabilizing properties at a low level and in presence of a high percentage oily phase. It produces translucent formulas without electrolytes. Aqueous gels, cream gels, emulsions and GELTRAP™ can all be produced using SEPINOV™ EMT 10.

SEPINOV™ EMT 10 demonstrates an excellent tolerance for immature skins and is therefore the perfect choice for baby products and to be used to formulate hand sanitizer.


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• Emulsifying & Stabilizing Capability

• Thickening capability, stable over a wide pH range (3 to 12)

• Easy-to-use, pre-neutralized powder, cold or hot process

• Non-microplastic

• SEPINOVTM EMT 10: Inherently Ultimate Biodegradable

• Ability to emulsify up to 40% oil phase

• 0.6% emulsifies 15% of oil

• Creates all textures from sprayable, to low and high viscosity gel creams