Sea Fennel Cell Cultures, CELTOSOME™

INCI: Crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate

Usage rate: 0.1-0.5%

Solubility: Dispersible

Radiance • Hydration • Regulation of pigmentation • Skin renewal & repairing



CELTOSOME™ Crithmum Maritimum is an exclusive Sea Fennel stem cell culture with specific skin lightening and wound healing properties. It helps inhibit all major steps of the melanogenesis process, regulate inflammation, increase cell renewal along with the synthesis of collagen, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans. The skin is smoother, more radiant and its tone more even.

This all natural ingredient in powder form is 100% active, solvent and preservative free, and compliant with Ecocert and Cosmos.

Applications: Luxury Creams, Serums, and treatments

Great for:

• Advanced, innovative concepts

• Marine concepts

• Bio-technology driven concepts


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What are plant cells?

Plant cells are undifferentiated “native cells” located in meristematic areas, which can be found at the tip of the roots, at the apex of the stem & in the primordial leaf. These zones are responsible for the growth of the plant.

Plant cells have two key abilities: the ability to differentiate into all cell types found in the plant & the ability to self-renew at an undifferentiated stage. Thus, plant cells are responsible for every organ formation & every differentiation resulting in the growth of the plant.

Benefits of plant cells

Plant cells simultaneously manage two metabolisms:

• primary metabolism, necessary for essential functions (growth, development & reproduction),

• secondary metabolism, to adapt to external stress.

Each metabolism generates specific molecules: primary & secondary metabolites. Plant cells contain potentially both primary & secondary metabolites.

Radiance & Hydration proven in vivo

Pigmentation regulation proven in vitro & ex vivo

Skin renewal & Repairing proven in vitro



• 0.1% applied twice a day resulted in a 20% increase in Radiance after 56 days of treatment

• 0.1% in a cream improved Hydration level after 2h, 4h, and 8h when compared to a placebo

• 0.1% inhibits melanin synthesis on explants by 13%

•  0.1% reduces L-tyrosine synthesis by 28%

•  0.1% inhibits tyrosinase activity by 19%




The active plant cells from Sea Fennel are an innovative discovery produced by bio-technology techniques. The aromatic medicinal plant, ombellifareae class are found along rocky coastal areas and have shown immense resistance to extreme salt conditions, UV exposure, spindrift, temperature variations, and strong winds.