Sclerotium Gum

INCI: Sclerotium Gum

Usage Rate: 0.5% – 2%



Sclerotium Gum is produced through fermentation and is able to provide transparent gels with a unique elegant touch and proven skin hydrating effects.

It is very easy to disperse, with good suspending properties and stable to electrolytes, broad pH range and high percentage of alcohol.



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Sclerotium Gum is also very useful in formulas containing actives that are known to be difficult to stabilize, such as AHAs formulated with an acid pH, anionic, cationic, and amphoteric molecules which usually break the viscosity of the gels, essential oils which can separate the formula, mineral salts, masks with clays, gels with algae extracts, and products made with sea water or mineral waters, ethanol in slimming water alcoholic gels.