Sapogel Q

INCI: Glycerin, Aqua, Quillaja saponaria Wood Extract, Saponaria officinalis Leaf/Root Extract

Manufacturer: Alchemy IngredientsUse concentration:: 15-25%



Sapogel Q is a natural, saponin-based, cold process gellant for vegetable oils. It will create rich, stable and translucent gels with textures ranging from honey consistency to thick balms. Saponin Gel is Palm Free, 100% Natural, Vegan friendly and COSMOS approved.

The COSMOS-certified Sapogel enables the production of stable, translucent and rich emulsions with a texture similar to lanolin or paraffin. Compared to sucrose ester-based oil thickeners (eg Sucragel), Sapogel can be used to develop firmer and richer formulations. Sapogel does not form visible oil droplets in formulations, as is the case with Sucragel, but forms a lamellar structure.

Sapogel is suitable for thickening a wide variety of oils, especially vegetable ones. Depending on the oil used, very different viscosities and textures can be achieved. The formulations made with Sapogel are also heat and cold stable and do not have any negative effects in combination with bases and acids.

Formulation advice: The result and process is very similar to Sucragel. You have to start by adding the oil drop by drop then can add more at a time as you. There are some good videos on Youtube to demonstrate.

The new Sapogel is a liquid mixture of the saponins of the soapbark tree (Quillaja Saponaria) and those of the soapwort (Saponaria Officinalis).

Saponins, derived from the Latin term sapo (soap), consist of a lipophilic, water-insoluble part with many hydroxyl groups and hydrophilic, water-soluble sugar molecules attached to it. Substances that are lipophilic and hydrophilic at the same time are called amphiphilic – a property that saponins have in common with surfactants and emulsifiers and which makes them an interesting ingredient for mild cosmetic formulations.

The soap trees used to manufacture Sapogel, as well as the soapwort, are cultivated sustainably and harvested wild, with the whole plant being used for the extraction.

Processing: Weigh Sapogel and oil separately. IMPORTANT! Add the oil phase slowly and in small amounts to the sapogel phase while stirring continuously!

The viscosity is very dependent on the respective oil. The higher the proportion of Sapogel, the lower the viscosity.

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