Sacred Patch, Neurocosmetic

INCI: Water (and) Glycerin (and) Pentylene Glycol (and) Algin (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Glyceryl Polyacrylate (and) Sodium Hyaluronate (and) Pullulan (and) Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides

Usage Rate: 0.2-2%

Manufacturer: BASF

Solubility: Water soluble

Usage: 0.2-2%

Aphanothece sacrum is a unique blue-green alga from the cyanobacteria family and growing in the Japanese Island of Kyushu. This unique alga is able to produce a prodigious  megasugar: Sacran

Soothing • Sensitivity decrease • Calming • Moisturization



Sacred Patch® is made of the bio-active sacran and is included in a molecular 3D mesh composed of pullulan, alginate, and hyaluronic acid. Sacred Patch contributes to the release of the “happiness cytokine” oxytocin by skin cells, soothes sensitive skin, and provides moisturization.


• Mood-targeted beauty

• Anti-stress Adaptogens

• Neurocosmetics

Feeling of SACRAN is different from Hyaluronic acid and quite unique. SACRAN has Thixotropy property-fluid is thick under normal condition, but itf lows once shaken or stressed. When SACRAN is applied on the skin, it become smooth. This result is quite high level even it compares with Hyaluronic acid and Xanthan gum, especially when NaCl is added.

”Suizenji nori” (scientific name: Aphanothece Sacrum) is single-celled organisms and lives together in pure spring.

Cells are covered with gelatinous substance, which is SACRAN– linear polysaccharide.

As analyzed, SACRAN contains more than 10 polysaccharide, and its molecular weight is quite high in natural substances.

Good for:

• Soothing dry, irritated, and uncomfortable skin
• Enhancing skin hydration
• Improving discomfort
• Supporting the skin’s natural ability to adapt to external stress
• Patented technology that communicates with the feel good receptors


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Clinical testing on 87 females between the ages of 30-50 yrs. old:

Sacred Patch soothes and moisturizes the skin all day long

• After 8h, 4.3/5 agreed their skin felt more moisturized

• After 8h, 4.4/5 agreed their skin felt more soothed

• After 8h, 4/5 agreed their skin was less reactive/more comfortable


In Vivo:

• Improvement of moisturization, skin comfort and irritation level of sensitive skin

• Instant gentle chalky sensation when applied topically


Ex Vivo:

• Moisturization of the upper epidermal layers


In Vitro:

• Reduction of the release of the pro-inflammatory mediator IL-8 by epidermal keratinocystes

Sacred Patch™ BC10022 is incorporated during the final process at a temperature below 30°C or at room temperature for cold processing


Storage conditions: 10-30°C, protect from light

Inspired by ancestral Japanese beauty rituals, Sacred Patch™ is based on molecular patch technology to harness the power of the valuable algal polysaccharide Sacran. This precious substance was entrapped into molecular patch technology, consisting of three natural biopolysaccharides that form a molecular mesh: pullulan, alginate and hyaluronic acid. Sacred Patch™ soothes sensitive skin and provides moisturization.

Pure natural water from Mt. Aso, Kyusu is required to farm “Suizenji nori” – raw material of SACRAN. This natural water contains rich minerals, clean and its water temperature keeps at 18 – 20 °C.

In recent years, spring water to farm “Suinzenji nori” and surrounding environment faces the problem caused by river construction and development. To use “Suizenji nori” (SACRAN) supports to keep their original environment with beautiful nature.

• Molecular Patch Technology

• Precious aquatic sourcing: half alga-half bacteria & inspired by the sacred Japanese beauty rituals

Triple Efficacy: emotional benefit, comfort, moisture