Rice Touch

INCI: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch

Usage rate: 1 – 10%



Rice Touch is a multifunctional biopolymer with a unique particle design that enhances the sensory profile of any personal care and cosmetic product. It serves as a sebum absorber, talc and TiO2 replacer, and natural opacifier in a wide range of products.

In emulsions, this biopolymer provides a thickening effect, increases pickup and absorption, and reduces greasiness, resulting in an overall improved impression of the finished formulation.

Rice Touch is a 100% plant-based, sensory powder with small particle size providing a powdery, light, and smooth skin-feel, ideal for matte-type cosmetics. It is perfectly suitable for natural and organic cosmetics.

Good for:

• A natural talc alternative

• Use in cleanser or exfoliating products to enhance skin feel

• Reduces Sebum

• Can provide a mattifying effect for leave on products


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