Pro-lipo Neo, DIY Liposomes

INCI: Propanediol (and) Lecithin

Usage Rate: 0.1 – 3%



Pro-Lipo™ Neo is a ready-to-use mixture of selected phospholipids already organized in lamellar bilayers by their solubilization in an appropriate medium. This pro-liposome structure requires only the addition of a water phase to spontaneously form, at room temperature, an alcohol free suspension of multilamellar liposomes (mainly bilamellar) of a mean size of 250 nm.

Able to entrap hydrosoluble and/or liposoluble active ingredients, Pro-Lipo™ Neo technology allows the selection of the type and concentration of the ingredients to entrap, offering the possibility to customize liposomes.

Please be advised that this ingredient is for a more advances skill level and requires an overhead mixer for the proper formation of the liposomes. Additionally, one must be able to calculate the appropriate concentration of their active ingredients by using the mathematical equation as provided by the supplier.

All powders must be first completely dissolved or suspended in a liquid medium prior to adding to the phospholipids. Although you can use lipophilic materials, we have always preferred to formulate with hydrophilic ingredients for our liposomes. When formulating with only hydrophilic materials, the equation is much more simple.

Optimal pH: 5-8

  • A premix (liposome suspension) should be prepared in water and should be added to the formula at a temperature below 40°C.


The calculation:

the % of active (includes the powder and water together) = ACTIVE

ACTIVE x 0.11 = minimum amount of phospholipids needed

ACTIVE x 0.43 = maximum amount of phospholipids needed

  • To determine your ideal concentration may take some trial and error. Personally, we tend to formulate in the higher range of phospholipids in order to ensure stable liposomes.


To form your liposomes, first add the phospholipids to a beaker. Then pour in your liquid form of active portion. Place under an overhead mixer using a propeller shaft at 800-1000 rpm. Mix for 30 minute.

If your liposomes are stable, you will not see any layers form in the beaker and the mixture will look fully homogeneous.


You may review the manufacturer’s formulation advice HERE.

View the manufacturer’s brochure HERE.


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