Preservative Eco (Geogard ECT)



Recommended Use Level: 0.6–1.0%

Sold by weight: 4 oz. (113 grams)

INCI Name: Benzyl Alcohol (and) Salicylic Acid (and) Glycerin (and)
Sorbic Acid

Geogard ECT is a water-soluble, low odor and low color preservative that offers broad spectrum protection in a variety of personal care products. It is compliant with ECOCERT and COSMOS, and is accepted by the NPA. In addition to its efficacy, Geogard ECT also has a wide formulation latitude, being effective and compatible over a pH range of 3 – 8.


Composition of Ingredients

Benzyl Alcohol: 86%
Salicylic Acid: 15%
Glycerol (Glycerin): 6%
Hexa-2, 4-dienoic (Sorbic) Acid: 4%
Broad spectrum activity on bacteria, yeast and molds
Has a wide range of global regulatory acceptance
Water-soluble (can be problematic in toner products)
Low odour and colour
Wide pH compatibility: (pH 3 – 8) make sure your finished formulas are within the pH range for the efficacy of your preservative. Use a PH meter.

All of the ingredients are approved for use in the US, Europe* and Japan† at the recommended use level (0.6-1.0%)

Specific Gravity: 1.018 – 1.118 @ 25°C
Appearance: Clear, colourless to straw liquid
For emulsified systems, Geogard ECT preservative can be easily integrated post-emulsification at temperatures BELOW 45°C
We recommend that you test all new or altered formulations to guarantee proper preservation.
Shelf life: 3 years depending on storage


Geogard ECT is a unique, patented combination of benzyl alcohol,
salicylic acid, glycerin and sorbic acid, which are well accepted in a
wide range of personal care products. The novel composition of this
antimicrobial blend offers a low cost in use as well as broad spectrum
protection in a diverse range of products against Gram-positive and
Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and molds at wide pH ranges. Geogard
ECT has a wide range of global regulatory acceptance for personal care

Additional information

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Sold by weight

4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz.


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