Panthenol Liquid – 95% conc. Vitamin B5

INCI: Panthenol



D-Panthenol is a plant-derived provitamin of B5 and can be found in many personal care products including cosmetics or shampoos. This ingredient has many beneficial uses to improve skin appearance because of its humectant properties. It helps soothe oxidative stress like redness, lines, and callouses. D-Panthenol is considered a sustainable and eco-friendly product because it is derived from pantothenic acid (known as vitamin B5). The structure of panthenol has two mirrored sides that do not exactly duplicate one another. Each side possesses a unique biology and chemistry, which developers can amplify or minimize depending on their desired use. It is odorless, colorless, bitter, extremely viscous, and transparent when kept at room temperature. The molecule is soluble in water or alcohol, less so in chloroform and propylene glycol, and it is only slightly soluble in glycerin. The molecule possesses humectant-like moisturizing properties, while retaining the viscosity to spread evenly across hair or skin. It attracts moisture in the air and binds itself to the water molecules. Thus, it protects the skin and hair from dehydration and helps hair avoid tangles or knots. Panthenol helps hydrate skin and can speed up epidermal wound healing by strengthening the skin cells. By means of nutrient infusion, panthenol can boost the skin’s ability to fight off toxins in the environment.

This is pure D-Panthenol with 100% activity, not to be confused with DL-Panthenol.

INCI: Panthenol

Concentration: 95%

Usage rate: 0.3 – 5%

PH: 8.0-9.5


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