N-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG)

INCI: Acetyl Glucosamine

Usage rate: 0.5 – 2%

Applications: moisturizing, whitening, lightening, hydrating



N-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) is composed of acetyl glucosamine, a small amino monosaccharide molecule obtained by bio-fermentation. It has many important physiological functions as a basic component unit of numerous polysaccharides in cells. It possesses excellent transdermal absorption and can improve the skin hydration, so it is a unique high-quality moisturizer. Additionally, it promotes HA synthesis, functions as a natural exfoliating regulator, and whitens skin, especially when applied with nicotinamide. This product also scavenges free radical. N-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) has been widely applied in various skin care products.


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