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Lumorol K 5229

INCI: Laureth-4 (and) MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol

*Limited stock of larger sizes — more stock coming in 7-10 days (updated 9/17/23)



LUMOROL K 5229 is a water-free surfactant blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants. This product is free of diethanolamine and was specially developed for water-free formulations such as shower oils or oil foam baths. LUMOROL K 5229 provides clear shower and bath oil formulations. During usage, the dilution in water causes a change into a classical white O/W emulsion. LUMOROL K 5229 is clearly soluble in any kind of oil in nearly every concentration. Although final products contain a high amount of oil, good foaming properties can be achieved.


1 review for Lumorol K 5229

  1. Elly (verified owner)

    This is the magic ingredient for the foaming bath oil! Makes a great lather, no smell, clear surfactant, it offers endless possibilities for customization. And Dauphine Organics so far is the only store I’m aware of where you can buy it.

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