Leucidal Liquid

INCI: Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

Usage rate: 2-4%



Leucidal® Liquid is based on an antimicrobial peptide originally derived from the lactic acid bacteria, Leuconostoc kimchii. Like many lactic acid bacteria, L. kimchii is capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment, but as is common in nature, it is not content to limit itself to a single mechanism of defense. Leucidal® Liquid is ideal for use in moisturization, skin/scalp conditioning, and antimicrobial applications.


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As with all biological materials, some attention must paid to the conditions under which Leucidal® Liquid is used. Based on bench-scale evaluations, as well as actual product applications, Leucidal® Liquid has been found to be effective over a wide range of typical cosmetic and personal care product manufacturing conditions. The product has been found to be heat stable up to 70°C and active under both acidic (pH 3) and basic conditions (pH 8).

Quick Tips when using Leucidal® Liquid:

1. We recommend starting with 4.0% Leucidal® Liquid.

2. Monitor the interaction of Leucidal® Liquid with other ingredients for compatibility.

3. Incorporate Leucidal® Liquid into formulations at a pH between 3 and 8, during the cooling phase of the process at temperatures lower than 70°C

Heat Stability

Results from testing has shown that Leucidal® Liquid can tolerate temperatures of up to 70°C for a period of 8 hours without having any impact on MIC performance.


The cationic nature of Leucidal® Liquid makes the main formulating concern potential incompatibility with highly anionic ingredients, such as thickeners. Please request from us for more information regarding specific anionic thickeners. The use of solubilizing agents may help improve clarity in cases where haziness is observed.

Recommended Techniques

Incorporating Leucidal® Liquid towards the end of the formulating process: A successful recommendation is adding Leucidal® Liquid near the end of the formulating process and after the formulation has cooled to below 70°C. Please request from us for recommended techniques regarding specific anionic thickeners.

Additional Information

Leucidal® Liquid has been in use for almost a decade now and has been proven to be a very compatible ingredient for formulating.

We always recommend that every formula undergo stability and microbial testing to ensure adequate preservation.