LanaBlue, Natural Retinol

INCI: Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate (and) Water (and) Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae Extract

Manufacturer: Lucas Meyer

Solubility: Water soluble

Usage: 1-5%




Lanablue™ is a blue-green algae extract found in a very special source of water with highly unique nutritional properties. Its outstanding composition – vitamins, amino acids and trace elements – makes Lanablue™ as a natural Retinoid alternative without the unwanted side effects. Lanablue™ acts on keratinocyte differentiation providing a smoothing effect, an epidermis densification and skin regeneration. Lanablue™ clinically prove powerful wrinkle reduction after only 21 days.

CAS 68425-17-2 (1), 7732-18-5 (2)

EINECS 270-337-8 (1), 231-791-2 (2)

Anti-aging skin care – SPA – Anti-wrinkles – Smoothing care – Men’s care – Natural retinoid alternative – Stretch marks – Cosmeceutical

Clinical testing has determined:

• After 21 days of treatment, LanaBlue™ shows a decrease of the microrelief average depth for 63% of the volunteers and a decrease of the complexity (number and depth of wrinkles) for 58% of the volunteers.

• LanaBlue™ smoothes the skin for a younger and healthier appearance.

• LanaBlue™ regulates epidermal differentiation for a better skin regeneration.

• LanaBlue™ provides a smoothing effect like retinoids in only 3 weeks


Consumer evaluation results:

After 21 days only, the cream containing LanablueTM has been appreciated by 95% of the women.

Moisturizing feeling 84%

Refreshing feeling 68%

Improvement of surface skin aspect 63%

Skin is smoother 63%


Should be incorporated at the end of the formulation at a temperature of 35-40°C.

Usage rate: 1-5%


Lanablue™ takes its force from the heart of the resources of the Cascadia region in North America. Extract of endemic cyanophyceae harvested in wild conditions, Lanablue™ has a high content of group B vitamins, amino acids and specific pigments. It acts like natural retinoids on keratinocytes differentiation thus smoothing and densifying the epidermis.