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CocoSilk Esters

INCI: Coco-caprylate/caprate

Use: 2-30%

Sold by weight



A naturally derived, high spreading, light liquid emollient ester (C8-10 fatty acids connected to C12-18 fatty alcohols) that absorbs quickly, with a luxurious, smooth, light feel, and leaves a dry but silky finish on the skin.

This light feeling ester is designed to offer a good alternative to volatile silicones like cyclomethicones and can reduce the greasiness of oil-based blends.

Its use in massage oils, skin creams and lotions, bath, and make-up products to enhance the skin feel, improve the spread, and reduce greasiness in a formula.

Good For:

• Enhancing skin feel

• A silky emollient that reduces greasiness in a formula

• Natural Silicone replacement

• Light skin feel to improve the feel and absorption of face oils and oil serums

• Provides slip in massage oils and body products such as bath oils, body oils, and body butters

1 review for CocoSilk Esters

  1. Nancy T. (verified owner)

    I love coco-caprylate! I use it for my facial oils, and my customers absolutely love it! It is lightweight, absorbs easily and quickly, and it leaves your skin feeling so soft without the heavy greasy residue that other facial oils leave on your skin. I highly recommend this product! 🙌🏼

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