Citricide™ Eco, Natural Preservative

INCI Name: aqua, lactic acid, propanediol, citric acid, tartaric acid, gluconic acid

Usage rate: 0.5–1.5%





Citricide™ Eco is an aqueous blend of naturally derived fruit acids, suitable for preserving both rinse-off and leave-on products. It has a broad spectrum of activity and is effective against bacteria, yeast, and mould. The preservative also contains naturally sourced, GMO free Propanediol which provides improved skin moisturization characteristics, in addition to boosting the efficacy of the preservative. Citricide™ Eco is the perfect choice of preservative for skin friendly formulations.


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• Broad spectrum activity on bacteria, yeast and molds

• Has a wide range of global regulatory acceptance

• Water-soluble

• Naturally sourced from fruit acids

• Low odor and color

• Improves skin moisturization characteristics

• Great for products formulated for children

• Great for rinse-off and leave-on products



• Shampoo, shower gels (rinse-off)

• creams, lotions (leave-on)

• o/w emulsions

• w/o emulsions

• wet wipes

• eye care

• lip care

• oral care

• children under 3

* Use scenarios derived from evaluation of Cosmetic Regulation guidelines and preservative performance for typical formulations.

Formulation: cool-down phase < 40˚C; max processing temperature is 80˚C, avoid prolonged periods at high temperature.

F is compatible with most personal care ingredients. It is suitable for use in formulations with acidic pH values, but will lose efficacy as the pH approaches 7.0.


pH efficacy range: 2.0-5.5

Solubility: water, glycols

Leave-on: 0.5-1.5%

Rinse-off: 0.5-1.5%

In use concentrations vary according to the formulation type and other ingredients present. The correct use dosage should be determined by microbial challenge testing of the finished formulation