Bakuchiol (Syntenol® A)

INCI name: Bakuchiol

Manufacturer: Syntheon

Usage rate: 0.5-1%

Bakuchiol is the first natural alternative to Retinol without having any of the negatives associated with Retinol. Well-defined compound (purity over 99%), Bakuchiol has clinically demonstrated the ability to work as efficiently as retinol, with a better skin tolerance.



In-vitro data and biological properties

• Retinol-like activity (DNA microarray & PCR array)

• Boosts Collagen I, III & IV

• Inhibits MMPs • Broad-action antioxidant

• Protects mitochondrial genome

• Increases mitochondrial biogenesis


Clinical Studies

• Double-blind, randomized comparative clinical study with Retinol – significant reduction in wrinkle surface area & hyperpigmentation; much better skin tolerance than Retinol

• Anti-acne study- significant reduction in acne lesion & improvement in skin complexion


• Antiaging – day & night

• Anti-acne

• Sun preparation: Preventative protection


Storage: cool/dark, protected from light

Solubility: oil soluble


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