Arborcide OC

INCI:  Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate

Usage rate: 2.0-4.0%

Applications: Skin Conditioner, antimicrobial

Organic Compliant

Solubility: water

Formulation: < 40˚C



Arborcide® OC can function as a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives in many cosmetic formulations. Its ability to serve as both a skin conditioner and an antimicrobial agent make it a logical choice for potential applications when addressing problem skin and scalp conditions.


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  • This ferment filtrate contains intact, non-viable microorganisms and has shown a wide range of utility as a skin conditioner and antimicrobial
  • Best suited for a pH between 3 and 8
  • Recommended that the product be added during the cooling phase at temperatures less than 75oC