Advanced Moisture™ Humectant

INCI: Acetamidoethoxyethanol



Advanced Moisture™ (ElfaMoist AC by Nouryon) is a far superior alternative to Propanediol or Glycerin. It can be used as a replacement for either a raw material or can be used in a blend to elevate the hydration properties of your formula. It is not as sticky as Glycerin and has strong clinical data to back the claim that it has the ability deliver long-lasting hydration for 30+ hours. Once you use Advanced Moisture™ in your formula, you won’t look any further for the best humectant on the market today.


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During Application

• Great absorbance
• Lubricity in skin feel
• Excellent spreadability

After Application

• Lack of stickiness/tackiness
• Highly effective skin hydration
• Instant and long-lasting moisturization (over 30 hours)

Advanced Moisture™ (ElfaMoist® AC) Humectant, Nouryon’s latest innovative skincare ingredient, provides the personal care industry with the ability to meet consumers demand for long-lasting and high-performance products without the negative sensory impact of other humectants. Advanced Moisture™ (ElfaMoist® AC) humectant is an effective new active that easily penetrates inside the skin (stratum corneum), delivers and increases hydration keeping skin moisturized for over 30 hours. Equally important, Advanced Moisture™ (ElfaMoist® AC) humectant performs exceptionally without showing disruption to the skin barrier, making it safe and gentle on skin. Patent pending. With Advanced Moisture™ (ElfaMoist® AC) humectant, formulators can create the finest skin care products in a wide variety of leave-on emulsion systems such as creams, lotions, antiperspirant/deodorant, masks, eye-cream, baby lotions, color cosmetics, BB creams and facial mask sheets. Advanced Moisture™ (ElfaMoist® AC) humectant can also be effectively used in rinse-off products such as shower gels, body wash and liquid hand soap.