INCI: Alteromonas ferment extract

Manufacturer: Lucas Meyer

Solubility: Water soluble

Usage: 0.5-4%



Alteromonas are a type of ocean bacteria that live near deep sea hot water vents. These bacteria are drawn to these very hot and highly pressurized areas, and have evolved very special polysaccharides that are extracted with cutting edge biotechnology techniques.

– resistance to mechanical & solar stress

– protects the skin against UV damage

– supports healing abilities

– help skin repair

– skin restructuring


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Clinically proven protective and soothing.

* Skin is soothed and healing of micro-cuts caused by shaving is improved (3% usage in after shave balm)

* Reduction of skin discomfort provides optimal soothing benefits. (3% usage in cream)

* Protection from chemical stress (0.5% usage in cream)

* Skin redness induced by sun exposure is reduced (3% in a gel )

Soothing, anti-inflammatory, sensitive skin